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Create positive change with Promoting Brilliance. Appreciate your “Bright Spots” with Beth.

Activate your vision, values and vitality with Promoting Brilliance coaching and consulting services. Our Vitality Services elevate perspectives for your career/life purpose and innovation. We help clients find new ways to sustain energy, create positive change, envision goals, communicate confidence, and strengthen relationships for their whole life.

Vitality Service Outcomes

•  Navigate career/life transitions

•  Lead with purpose and vision

•  Communicate credibility

•  Strengthen relationships

•  Pilot collaborative initiatives

•  Bust drama and communicate respect

•  Experience customer and client success

•  Envision and design career/life road maps

•  Activate optimism to fulfill your goals

•  Appreciate your “Bright Spots”

2018 Beth Photo

Beth Wellesley

Vitality Strategist, Career/Life Coach
& Founder of Promoting Brilliance, Inc.
612.824.0454 (office)
612.325.5104 (mobile)